Taif provides the best services in the field of religious tourism for companies and agents through the need to build strong relationships with a wide range of international hotels. Hence Taif has become one of the leading companies that provide the largest stock of hotel rooms in Makkah and Madinah serving various segments of Umrah performers.

Transportation has always been a key part of traveler’s journey.Taif has provided a variety of transportation services to travelers commensurate with the nature of their travel, and in line with the Kingdoms vision 2030 was also provided by the Haramain Express train to enjoy the journey between the two holy Cities.

We know exactly how to make the pilgrimage journry more enriching and memorable. With a range of tours and activities availabe for travellers to go beyond and explore the sights Saudi Arabia and learn about its main landmarks such as Jabl Al feel, Khaiber and Castle Al Ola Castle with distinctive features and more uniquee experience.