Amr Al Sunari


Regional General Manager

Boasting over two decades in hospitality, has masterfully guided Makarem Hotels, a subsidiary of Dur Hospitality, to notable industry success. His leadership emphasises operational excellence, talent empowerment, and a strategic alignment with Saudi’s Vision 2030 aspirations.

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Amr Al Sunari, with an impressive 25-year journey in hospitality, has been instrumental in steering Makarem Hotels in Makkah to its current stature. As a subsidiary brand of Dur Hospitality, Makarem benefits from Amr’s strategic vision and unparalleled dedication.

Possessing a Master’s in Management Information Systems from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management from La Roche University, Amr pairs academic excellence with practical hotel management expertise. Since taking his leadership role at Makarem Ajyad Makkah in 2015, he has continually enhanced operational efficiencies and quality standards.

A significant facet of his leadership revolves around nurturing talent, fostering a positive work culture that directly impacts guest satisfaction. Additionally, his efforts have seamlessly aligned Makarem Hotels with Saudi’s ambitious Vision 2030, emphasizing technological advancements and the upliftment of local talent.

As he propels Makarem Hotels forward, Amr’s commitment to innovation and sustained excellence remains a cornerstone, solidifying his position as a pivotal figure in the Saudi hospitality landscape.