who are we?

Yalla GO is an integrated tourism platform that provides people with internal and external tourism trips. To explore their countries and other cultures through the Yalla GO application and the Yalla GO website. The platform also supports a store for shopping souvenirs and other products. The Yalla GO platform helps tourism service providers (tourism companies, hotels, transportation and delivery companies, tour operators, tour guides, and bazaars) to grow their business through the B2B feature that distinguishes the platform from others, and many other features; To deliver high value and rewarding travel experiences to people.

Our services:

Provides a night atmosphere for people:

  • Offers for smooth and rewarding domestic tourism trips.
  • Offers for foreign trips, Hajj and umrah trips.
  • An online store for buying souvenirs from bazaars, and other products.
  • Book hotels and learn about the features and offers offered by hotels.
  • Access to tour guides and learn about their offers.
  • Evaluation of services and offers on the Yalla Go application and the Yalla Go website.

Availability of Yalla Jo for tourism service providers:

  • B2B feature that acts as a common collaboration environment for service providers. 
  • Enable service providers to add their services and offers smoothly and professionally on the Yalla Go app and the Yalla Go website.
  • Reach out to people to provide high-value and rewarding travel and purchasing experiences for them.

What distinguishes us:

The Yalla Go platform is characterized by the B2B feature, which acts as a common working environment, ensuring and facilitating communication and cooperation between service providers (tourism companies, hotels, transport and delivery companies, tour operators, tour guides, and bazaars) to develop their businesses and benefit from the features and services provided by others