Established in 1992, Masterfare is widely recognised as a pioneer in the field of pilgrimage and VFR (Visit Friends and Relations) travel.

We are the UK’s leading specialist in this sector and in the years that have followed since the company was created our reputation with both travellers and industry partners alike continues to go from strength to strength.

Each year thousands of pilgrims trust us to manage their travel requirements, safe in the knowledge that our word is our bond, they can rely on a consistently high level of customer service, that our supply chain is professionally managed at all times and that we really do care that they enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

The Masterfare name is universally recognised by governments, airlines, hoteliers and many of the other support organisations involved with pilgrimage travel. We work with a large number of partners ranging from travel agencies to group organisers and community leaders to individual travellers.

Our team has unrivalled industry experience and we work hard to ensure that our travellers interests always come first. It is no coincidence that we have an extremely loyal and dedicated group of customers that have worked with us for many years.