Established in 1992, Masterfare is widely recognised as a pioneer in the field of pilgrimage and VFR (Visit Friends and Relations) travel. We are the UK’s leading specialist in this […]

Our mission is to promote better industry practices of the UK Hajj industry and to set an example on a national level, eventually incorporating the UK Umrah Market. Our core […]

Company Profile Zamzam.com is a global online platform dedicated to curating and customizing travel and hospitality services for Umrah pilgrims. We are approved by the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah […]

Red Face Films is an award winning film production company, specialising in diverse and faith based entertainment. Our team of talented producers create high end cinamatic experiences. We usee our […]

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Event Brochure Serving Arabian Coffee Presentation by the Seera Group Travel Award Presented by the Chairof the APPG Hajj & Umrah Yasmin Qureshi MP for recognition for their Covid19 safety […]

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